To lead measurable community transformation, creating a better life for all, by connecting community partners through collective impact in health, education, and financial stability.

United Way of Greater Lorain County is engaged, inclusive and thriving.

We support systems resulting in educational achievement, living wage employment, strong families and optimal health.

Greater Lorain County is extraordinary.

United Way of Greater Lorain County is committed to:

  • collaboration,
  • continuous improvement,
  • mindfulness,
  • innovation,
  • integrity,
  • equity, diversity, and inclusion.

In other words, we’re not your grandparent’s United Way.

Traditionally, you’ve known United Way as simply a fundraising organization. But we are more than the fundraisers. We are the game changers.

We go looking for the problems that most people say can’t be solved. And we fight. United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of low-income working families in our community.

We can’t fix these critical problems by going at it alone. By sharing resources and aligning our goals with over 150 corporate, nonprofit and governmental partners, we can transform Greater Lorain County into the place we all want it to be.

As an independent, private not-for-profit organization we are governed by our own board of directors that are committed to fulfilling the aspirations of its moral owners, the residents of Lorain County and Vermilion and Florence Townships in Erie County, Ohio.

We were granted our not-for-profit status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We also meet or exceed all requirements established by the State of Ohio.

While we are our own organization, we proudly display the United Way logo as a member of over 1,400 affiliates of United Way Worldwide (UWW). With our sister organizations, we meet all the requirements of UWW and aspire to the highest level of the United Way Standards of Excellence.