Updated May 2023

United Way of Greater Lorain County aspires to be a model of diversity and inclusion. In order to fulfill our mission, we acknowledge and value human differences and nurture an environment where people feel supported, listened to, and able to do their personal best.

Valuing diversity includes respecting and appreciating each person regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, military status, pregnancy, familial status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. United Way of Greater Lorain County believes that every person is entitled to being treated equally and with dignity and respect.

Unfortunately, our society’s underlying racism, prejudice, and privilege prevent too many people from being treated with the humanity and respect they
deserve. This type of discrimination is unacceptable and goes against everything United Way, our volunteers, and our partners fight for every day.

All people of all backgrounds and identities must call out all forms of discrimination and demand its removal from our society; otherwise we are endorsing the status quo and are complicit in the continued abuse that follows.

As an organization, we pledge: to continue annual racial equity training for all staff and board members; to continue searching for best practices to improve staff policies and board bylaws around diversity and inclusion, continue working with local community leaders to identify and increase our use of BIPOC owned/led vendors, and to commit to updating our process for making community investments so that racial equity is one of the criteria.