United Way Center for Community Transformation

Book Community Engagement Space & Collaboration Studio

Greater Lorain County not-for-profit, public organizations and United Way corporate
partners may request to use the rooms. The Community Engagement Space is
approximately 1,000 square feet and has portable tables that can be arranged in a
variety of ways (maximum seating is 30). The Collaboration Studio has a conference
table that seats 10. Both rooms are equipped with internet access, projectors,
teleconference equipment, interactive white boards (white board markers provided, DO

The Community Engagement Space is also available for partners to reserve at no-cost
in order to offer free low-impact physical activities to the public (meditation, yoga,
mindfulness, etc.).

Partners offering classes must register their events on the United We Sweat website in support of county-wide physical activity at:

Some activities that are deemed high-impact, dangerous, and/or not appropriate for the size of
the room will be subject to the approval of United Way.

Hours of Use

The community rooms are available on a “first-come, first-serve” basis for scheduled
meetings Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. United Way collaborative
partners (organizations included in a memorandum of understanding) and corporate
partners may reserve the rooms for recurring meetings over a 90 day period (e.g.
second Friday of the month). All others may reserve the room 6 weeks out on the

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are allowed in both rooms. The organization user/host is
responsible for all food and beverage supplies. Please plan on using your meeting room
for meals as well. United Way will not provide any supplies. The use of a refrigerator,
coffee maker and carafes are available. If you are in need of supplies, there are stores

United Way is committed to the health and well-being of our community. Therefore it is
our policy that when food and beverages are served on United Way property, the
organizer should comply with the following guidelines:

 Provide cool filtered water at no cost
 Provide at least (1) fruit and/or vegetable
 Provide at least (1) whole grain option, when serving grain products
 Provide a vegetarian option when serving meat
 Provide fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk and lower fat milk alternatives (yogurt,
cheese), when serving dairy products
 Provide smaller portion sizes
 Include physical activity opportunities, when possible

Please note, that this does not mean you have to offer all of these things all of the time.
Instead, it means you are offering choices without necessarily excluding items. For
example, when offering bagels, ensure there is a whole grain option in the bunch. If you
are offering chicken sandwiches, ensure there is a vegetarian option available, etc.

Reservation Cancellation

All reservations must be confirmed no less than five days before the event. United Way
of Greater Lorain County has the right to cancel reservations at its discretion or move
your meeting to another room that will accommodate your group.

Guest Parking

Meeting attendees- please use front door entrance. Free street parking and city lots are

User/Host Responsibilities/Policies/Housekeeping

 Inform your guests of parking locations prior to your event.
 Notify the receptionist if there are any spills in our facility, restrooms that need
attention, or anything else that may need our immediate attention.
 Use of windows for hanging materials with tape is permitted. Do not tape or tack
materials to walls or doors.
 Copy/print/scanning service is not available. There are print shops in the
area if
 United Way does not have an IT department. Tech support is not guaranteed;
please have a back up plan for your equipment if an issue arises. User is required
to provide their own laptop with HDMI capabilities if you wish to use our audio
and video equipment. HDMI to VGA or USB converters are not reliable.
 Be mindful of noise levels and remind your attendees of this as well, as normal
United Way office activities will still be taking place during your event. Please ask
your attendees not to linger at the reception area. The noise level makes it
difficult for receptionist to hear phone calls.
 Keep doors closed at all times during meeting.
 Registration tables and food/drink tables are to remain in your meeting room.
 Remind attendees that your group is using the room, and if they need anything to
ask the user/host, not the United Way staff. Applicant is responsible for clean up
after the event and leaving the room in same condition as when arriving.
 Smoking is not permitted in the building.
 Firearms are not permitted in the building.
 Groups using the rooms are responsible for loss or damage to equipment,
damage to the building and grounds and will be held accountable for any
financial loss.
 Applicant shall hold United Way of Greater Lorain County harmless at all times
for any claims or damage on account of injury to anyone using the facilities.
 Before leaving the building, please stop at front desk for a post meeting room
walk through.

Reservation Procedures

Contact Robbi Goodwin (robbi.goodwin@uwloraincounty.org) to discuss your event and check room availability.

We recommend the user/host make an appointment to view the facility beforehand to make sure it meets your needs.

Complete the Facility Use Agreement listed above.

Mail or email the completed form and a copy of your IRS 501
(c)(3) letter of determination (if applicable) to:
Robbi Goodwin, Office Coordinator
United Way of Greater Lorain County
642 Broadway Ave. Lorain, OH 44052
(440) 277-6530