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Subject: Expand the Ohio Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 



I am contacting you today to discuss the Ohio EITC, which is currently non-refundable and capped at a level which limits the effectiveness for hard-working families who need it most. This policy design significantly undermines the Ohio EITC’s potential to reduce poverty and help create financial stability among Ohio’s working families. I encourage you to support the expansion of the Ohio EITC in the following ways:


    1. Make the credit refundable, so families with the lowest income can fully benefit from the credit they earn.

    1. Eliminate the cap on the credit, as it prevents many families from receiving the full credit which they are eligible.

    1. Ensure that credit percentages keep pace with inflation to maintain the value and impact over time.
      I believe with your leadership we can convey this message isn’t just about the numbers but the people the numbers represent. These hard-working people have seen a tangible improvement in the quality of their lives thanks to the EITC, like the single mother who can now afford school supplies for her child or the family that can finally secure reliable transportation.

United Way of Greater Lorain County serves thousands of these families through the Lorain County Free Tax Prep Impact Initiative, which prepares federal and state tax returns at no cost. Last tax season we assisted in obtaining over $1.6 million dollars in federal refunds, and we have seen firsthand the benefits of the Federal EITC being refundable.

Expansion of the Ohio EITC to align with the proven success of the Federal EITC isn’t just good for Ohioans and their families. By increasing the spending power of the EITC recipient, we can stimulate economic growth and the support of local businesses throughout the state.

Enclosed with this letter you will find articles published on our website, which I hope will serve as a testament to the potential of the EITC to transform lives. Thank you for considering standing for a policy that affirms our collective commitment to ensuring that Ohio’s policies reflect the value and dignity of our working families, and I welcome any opportunity to discuss this matter with you further.