United Way of Greater Lorain County understands the health disparities that exist in our neighborhoods and stands at the forefront of creating healthier communities for residents. One initiative undertaken by our Community Collaboratives focused on health is the distribution of produce bags, which have become a vital resource for many individuals and families that are seeking healthy food options while simultaneously supporting local farms in the area.

North Ridgeville Heart and Sole
Residents of North Ridgeville can order their $12 produce bags through the North Ridgeville Heart & Sole website. By collaborating with local farmers, businesses, and volunteers, North Ridgeville Heart & Sole brings a variety of fresh produce directly to residents in the community. Their dedication to supporting healthy eating has been instrumental in transforming the lives of many community members.

KEY (Keystone Empowers You)
KEY is another Community Collaborative having an impact on the lives of residents in the Keystone Local School District community. The produce bag program has become a welcome option for many individuals and families who seek fresh produce to aid a healthy lifestyle. By distributing these bags filled with wholesome fruits and vegetables, KEY addresses better nutrition and overall wellness while supporting local farms. Residents of Keystone can order their $12 produce bags through the KEY website.

Thrive! Southern Lorain County
Thrive! Southern Lorain County supports residents living in rural southern Lorain County. Their produce bag program is a testament to the strength of collective efforts in nourishing lives and creating lasting change. Residents can order their $10 produce bags through the Thrive! website. The Collaborative encourages community members to live healthy lifestyles with a focus on the mind and body connection to health.

United Way Community Collaboratives like North Ridgeville Heart & Sole, KEY (Keystone Empowers You), and Thrive! are essential resources in their communities. By nurturing the bodies of local residents, they sow the seeds of a healthier, happier, and more connected society.
Programs like these produce bags would not be possible without the support of volunteers, donors, and community partners who believe in the power of collective action. Together, we can cultivate a world where everyone has the opportunity to lead healthier, happier lives.

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