On Tuesday, February 13, United Way staff traveled to Columbus, where they met with State Representative Joe Miller, State Representative Gayle Manning, and legislative aids for State Representative Dick Stein and State Senator Nathan Manning to advocate for crucial initiatives aimed at improving transportation accessibility and addressing issues surrounding driver’s license suspensions in Lorain County.

At the forefront of their discussions was the pressing need for enhanced public transportation options in the region. In a county where reliable transportation can often be a barrier to accessing essential services, employment opportunities, and healthcare, United Way staff discussed the need to find solutions that ensure transportation equity for all residents.

Moreover, United Way staff encouraged support of the proposed legislation, Senate Bill 37, which seeks to eliminate driver’s license suspensions related to non-payment of fines and fees. These suspensions disproportionately affect low-income individuals, creating a cycle of financial hardship and hindering their ability to secure employment and meet their basic needs.

By advocating for the passage of SB 37, United Way aims to remove barriers to economic stability and promote fair and equitable access to driver’s licenses for all residents of Lorain County.

Through these advocacy efforts, United Way continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to addressing systemic issues and advocating for policies that positively impact the lives of individuals and families in our community. As we move forward, United Way remains steadfast in its mission to create lasting change and build a stronger, more inclusive Lorain County for all.

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